Saturday, 27 May 2017


In the last few months, 
I found it a bit difficult to paint,
 and honestly at the beginning this made me feel a bit disorientated.

In fact, I have based my life on painting for the last 4 years

 while before my creative experience was a bit more varied and broad,
 focused on learning as many crafts as possible.
The spring came to my help

as the beautiful days and the call for beauty outside 
brought me the most amazing scenarios ! I spent a lot of time walking, 
taking pictures of seas of flowers in the fields...

 I also visited friends  that I have rarely time to see and spend time with...and that was great too!
But as the days passed, I felt a subtle sense of disorientation growing inside... I missed something important...
and that was creating!
Even if there is no painting, there can be making!

So I rediscover many crafts that I had abandoned..
like felt, woodwork and...knitting.
Specially this last, has been a focal point

 as it allows me to spend time in the nature not as a traveller, 
but more as part of the landscape, as I can sit on a moss cushion for hours, 

and it was such a surprise to meet foxes and see butterflies landing on my hands, 
observing the new life of birds and the growth of plants. 

I felt more than ever a creature of the woods, 
specially because I really like to find hidden nests for myself too ^_^

All this transitional period came at hand at the right time,
as I have just released my new summer cards here
and produced in the last months a good amount of work 
for my next Exhibition at the Garlic Farm, in September 2017.

So I could really enjoy this time of making...
and I have to say also making SPACE, for the new to come..
Beauty has so many paths...

and all lead to the Sublime elevation of the heart and the soul.
I feel so blessed!

What will happen next?