Saturday, 13 August 2016

Art form the Heart

In this post I wish to share
my latest artistic discoveries.
discoveries of people, places or things 
that can inspire from the heart.

Helaina Sharpley is a wirework Artist from Yorkshire, who I met at Art in Action this year, and I was so surprise of the beauty she creates in a simple way. You can visit her website here.

Sarah Adams is a landscape Artist, based in Cornwall. I learnt about her on Landscape magazine, and she create oil paintings of rocks and caves of the English coast. I was really impressed by her work , that reminds me of the traditional romantic painter like Turner. Her style is ancient and contemporary at the same time, I believe. You can see her work here.

Karen Henderson is an american textile artist living in Vermont. I discovered her truly few years ago on the net, and what inspires me of her work is the atmospheres she can creates with her weaving, which become canvases. Also, she starts from raw materials, from the thread dying to the final artwork, and this is makes her paintings really very precious.You can visit her website here.

All the images are take from Google, 
but all the credit goes to this amazing souls who create beauty for all.
And the reason I wanted to share them on my website
 is that I hope this Art from the Heart will inspire
 as much of you as possible.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Beauty from KEW

As anticipated,here some of the beauty I could see
visiting Kew Gardens.
I hope you'll enjoy!

 It is no doubt a very beautiful place to see. 
If you visit the capital is a must!
I think.

I could find many tips for the garden
and be inspired from the salvia collection

Despite being a royal garden,
I could see many wild flowers, and even
a woodland garden!

The tropical area no doubt, was stunning

And at the basement of one glasshouse there was the marine garden 
with so much interesting life to see!

A section was all about coffee, chocolate and other tropical

I just lost most of the names, 
immerse in all the colours and forms

And the amazing water lilies!

I just could visit a small part of it
wish to be back soon!