Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Sky

What an amazing sight on wednesday
when i got out!

They seemed to be
very cheerful indeed

How great is the Universe phantasy!!!

Friday, 30 January 2015

My ETSY shop is updated

you can now find my new cards on LuciaPara, my Etsy shop
( i modified the name of this shop
as i thought it would be much easier to find me
with my simple name on it!)
New designs for a fresh start of the year, plus ... 
i'm working in the studio for future projects!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Work in Progress

Hello everybody!

I wish to apologize as lately i didn't put any updating about my artistic work...
I'm actually working ona book, my first illustrated story.
It has been a dream from long time , as i love fairy tales...
Illustrated books took soon the place of art catalogues in my own library, and my teachers at University easily noticed this interest in my artistic work.

I always regret to not having tried to get into an illustration or Art Book School when i was young , and now, for many reasons, I feel it is too late.
So i have to track my own way, now.
In the past, I tried few classes or workshop on the matter, and they left me a bit with disappointment, mostly about what seems to be the "fashion" of illustration and writing nowadays, and also a bit because it seems that there is only a way to do it, and i do not think so.
I think everybody can make his own way, because will feel the reality in a different way, as he/she is unique.
In fact,  around there are ALL sorts of books.
And if big publisher will not accept my work, i can always go my way,  and to self-print, or find small independent Printers or projects, like kickstarter.

These workshops left me also with an  even stronger desire to do what i love, because by being surrounded by children illustrated books, and the chance to get to know new artists and writers during the classes, my love for this ART could only  grow!

 I could in fact get connections, that is maybe the good things of schools. Maybe, the best one.

On another front, lately I have been following the work of the local Public Artists ' Collective Eccleston George, website here, and they have quite an interesting -and in perfect working order- alternative Philosophy of Work. Really great guys!

Coming back at my work, i'll soon put up new cards for sale on my Etsy shop... so stay tuned!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Living with an High Ideal

a great Master of the past

spoke about the importance of living following an High Ideal...
Do you have yours?

Having an High Ideal to follow
helps going beyond difficult times, 
finding happiness
and deep joy
and ultimately connect the human
(which constantly and even strongly
tries to follow it and reach it)
with the Highest 
states of evolution

While listening to his lecture
( it was in Italian, and that's the reason why I did not post it)
i knew that
i do have an High Ideal 

that is

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


This transition
between the old and the new
has been full of Blessings...

full of Gifts

and old and new skills

And so i want to greet the new Year