Monday, 14 August 2017

My calendar is ready for pre-order!

Such an exciting moment 
after so much work...!
Finally my 
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Children's Book Illustration Summer School 2017, Anglia Ruskin University

And so it happened!
I had as a gift this course in Cambridge,
and I really recommend it,
the teaching was great!

This is the Ruskin Gallery, where we had our week of lectures
and studio time...we were basically living in there!

The campus was very near, maybe two minutes walk,
and I'm afraid the staying was awful as the room and shared kitchen 
were very dirty , and building works on site
made it extra uncomfortable ..
All together, it was an unforgettable experience!

I discovered that even Syd Barrett,founder of Pink Floyd band, studied here!

This is a view of the studio, a great space that the teachers filled up
with children's book, for sale
and for reference...
So if you felt stuck you could go round seeing other people's desk,
or finding inspiration in the books..

We had to bring our own story,
that during the week has been constantly
changing according from what we learned 
step by step,
and each day tutors were visiting our desk and
helped us... we were more than 60 people,
so we only had the chance to see one tutor a day,
and this was maybe too less for my wish..
but at the end of the day,we met for questions time,
so any doubt could be clarified ..
I tryed to have my daily review with the tutors
as soon as possible in the mornings,
so that the imprint of the daily task could be
good from beginning...

The course started on Monday and on Friday at 2pm
we had to present our book to the class,
we were divided in groups with a tutor each and with did
a critic of our work,
and everybody could give his/her constructive
On Friday evening we went to
Heffers Bookshop to celebrate and 
immerse ourselves in a sea of books
( but at that time we were so warn out that
our eyes could barely stay open !)

On Saturday we could attend to a public symposium
full of enthusiastic speakers,
agents like Helen Mackenzie Smith, makers like Helen Musselwhite
curators like Olivia Ahmad
and social media experts like Tom Bransby!
I was sad to leave it just before the end as I had to catch my bus 
to come home..

But I'm very proud of my story
and most of all,
of what I learned,
and I'll treasure it for sure!

Here the link to the school,
they organize  a MA 
in Childrens' illustration Book!
(full time 18 month, and part time 2,5 years duration)

Now I'm happy to be
home in my little green island!