Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Spring Fair 2017 at NEC

Together with a bunch of other Island artists,
around 24 hands,

(photo credit: public domain)

we are going to sail into the unknown at the SPRING FAIR 2017, at NEC, 
Birmingham, 5~9 february.
We will sail into the unknown

 following the creator of the Arty Card Company, Toby Beardsalls,
with all our skills, and enthusiasm for art.
It will be a great experience I' m sure, 
and my personal aim
is to be able to express with all the people I'll meet,
all the passion for Beauty and the handmade world.

I believe the market needs desperately these qualities, 
true passion and craft skills.
But in that crowded place, I'll make my trip very short, as I could easily feel 
as a fish out of water
( specially as I live all the year on an island !).

You can meet me there on tuesday 7th, from 12,30 to 2,30pm
at HALL 3/3a, stand 3L 44.
Come along for a chat, to meet the hands and the brain behind this new project, and
please share with all your friends you think might be interested!

I know this fair is a very inspiring place to visit to exchange ideas and trade!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Joyful swing

Beautiful things 
are made of Love!

Here my last invention, a swing for elves ...

For the joy of craft!
If you can't see video, 
it' s also here.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


I' m working on gentleness these days,
following the inspiration of beautiful patterned fabric
that made me think of water things
Did you know that ideas are alive creatures?

We can feed them or not,
 by trusting them or not, 
and they can or cannot manifest,
 sometimes just so near as we thought of them at first.
When this happens, it' s because 
we got so close to them,  that we come to know each other
very well, like friends..

Friday, 6 January 2017

Glimpses of life in the studio

I hope you will enjoy this little VERY homemade video
where I talk about my studio,
which is for me a world of true love and inspiration!

You can also see this video
 on my Youtube channel.