Friday, 30 December 2016

My new Website

From few month I am
on a brand new web-face!

It is very nice to feel a connection with 
the way it represents me

It has got a detailed galley that start from 2005, 
and selects most of the works
done in more than 10 years

All information about me and contact,
a direct link to the online shop
and to this lovely blog too ^_^

We are in the process to complete the tablet version of it, 
but you'll already be able to see it from you mobile too...

New works will be added soon, so keep an eye for news!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

This unique time

Is the time to stop
 feel the Light
in our lives

...and fill your hearts
with the dreams you are waiting for!

Have a great festive time!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Happy Winter!

Hello Everybody!
So winter is officially here,
and I thought
it could be a good idea to celebrate and
greet the last leaves,
such colorful 

I've never attempt before 
in free machine embroidery
but it is fun!

And they will decorate 
a nice little painting soon..

For now, they are
 just enjoying a bit of a sunbaying 
 in the bathroom shore ^_^

 How did You celebrate your winter solstice?

Monday, 5 December 2016

Joyful greetings

It s beginning to look...
just like Christmas!
and I was working on his commission for an 
event of a delightful shop in Italy,
and with the same design 
I could make this lovely little A6 card
which you can already find on my 

It is about joy and hats!
very important
 if you look for the perfect greeting!

It a nice season, cold and frost arrived , and it feels just right 
to greet them with a new stove which we are putting on..
together with woolly hats!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Still life... for wonders

Hello Folks,
lately I ve been working 
and walking.
Art and nature are a good combination!
I've been starting this piece 
back in April

it was a long journey together 

and now it is nearly completed!

It talks about taking the time to see
to hear
and to wonder

In the painting there are few different 3D techniques,
(like the real wally jumper)
all totally handmade of course!

I hope this work will bring joy to many 
people and places..
for now it looks around in my studio and in my home
waiting for the last details

and I really think 

it was a worthy experiment!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How a picture moves on

Hello folks!

I'd like to share with you something I find very useful for my art.

I do use to photograph my pieces
when I 'm working on them, 
specially just before I stop the session..
This helps me to understand better colours and shapes,
and what needs to be adjusted.

Here an example..

Nearly there, little man, few more brushstrokes...
 and you'll arrive!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The world of Beauty

Dear folks,
I spent the last month or so,
enjoying nature as much as possible..
I travelled to the
magical Swedish landscapes,

 slept on blankets of deer moss,

and then came back to the English woods, 
my beloved treasures

to hug my trees

and being surprised by friends.

I found new paths leading to

incredible moments and spaces

into the strength and marvel of God

It has been time for eyes and for the heart
and now, 
I'm looking forward to live 
all these treasures in my Art!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

More Posters on the way

A new order has come, from the 
 for my A3 posters in handcrafted rolls! 

I've been trying wallpaper
as covers this time.
They look great and shiny!

You can find in this lovely tearoom both designs,
cups  and Boat,
ready to be posted or hanged in a frame

I really like this place, the Quarr Abbey.
It is an old monastery still run by Benedictine monks,
with a gallery area, bookshop 
and my favourite: 
the tearoom!

It is surrounded by a really lovely garden with tables, 
to enjoy your lunch or afternoon tea 
between flowers, and a very 
peaceful atmhosphere.
Plus, the monks really know how to grow veggies!

A quick view of the entrance
shows my work between a variety of
artisanal products...

Including the Quarr Abbey beer and apple juice!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

My first press review!

Here on the 
my first press review!

How exciting!
It features my project at the floating bridge
in East Cowes, where I live.

I wrote about it few post ago 
and you can read more about it 

So, I hope this place now brings a lot of smiles 
and cheerfulness around!

And I'm really looking forward to new adventures soon!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Art form the Heart

In this post I wish to share
my latest artistic discoveries.
discoveries of people, places or things 
that can inspire from the heart.

Helaina Sharpley is a wirework Artist from Yorkshire, who I met at Art in Action this year, and I was so surprise of the beauty she creates in a simple way. You can visit her website here.

Sarah Adams is a landscape Artist, based in Cornwall. I learnt about her on Landscape magazine, and she create oil paintings of rocks and caves of the English coast. I was really impressed by her work , that reminds me of the traditional romantic painter like Turner. Her style is ancient and contemporary at the same time, I believe. You can see her work here.

Karen Henderson is an american textile artist living in Vermont. I discovered her truly few years ago on the net, and what inspires me of her work is the atmospheres she can creates with her weaving, which become canvases. Also, she starts from raw materials, from the thread dying to the final artwork, and this is makes her paintings really very precious.You can visit her website here.

All the images are take from Google, 
but all the credit goes to this amazing souls who create beauty for all.
And the reason I wanted to share them on my website
 is that I hope this Art from the Heart will inspire
 as much of you as possible.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Beauty from KEW

As anticipated,here some of the beauty I could see
visiting Kew Gardens.
I hope you'll enjoy!

 It is no doubt a very beautiful place to see. 
If you visit the capital is a must!
I think.

I could find many tips for the garden
and be inspired from the salvia collection

Despite being a royal garden,
I could see many wild flowers, and even
a woodland garden!

The tropical area no doubt, was stunning

And at the basement of one glasshouse there was the marine garden 
with so much interesting life to see!

A section was all about coffee, chocolate and other tropical

I just lost most of the names, 
immerse in all the colours and forms

And the amazing water lilies!

I just could visit a small part of it
wish to be back soon!