Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Beauty from KEW

As anticipated,here some of the beauty I could see
visiting Kew Gardens.
I hope you'll enjoy!

 It is no doubt a very beautiful place to see. 
If you visit the capital ...it is a must!
I think.

I could find many tips for the garden
and be inspired from the salvia collection

Despite being a royal garden,
I could see many wild flowers, and even
a woodland garden!

The tropical area no doubt, was stunning

And at the basement of one glasshouse there was the marine garden 
with so much interesting life to see!

A section was all about coffee, chocolate and other tropical

I just lost most of the names, 
immerse in all the colours and forms

And the amazing water lilies!

I just could visit a small part of it
wish to be back soon!

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