Monday, 18 July 2016

The Floating Bridge

The Floating bridge 
is a really strange being on its own..
It is a very old fashion car and passengers ferry,
 which joins the town of West Cowes and East Cowes, 
on the Isle of Wight.

Here you can see the long tough chain which 
allows it to move to and fro for many hours a day.
The ferry currently used is named No. 5
the fifth to be owned by the Isle of Wight Council, 
and eighth in total. It was built in 1975 and can carry up to 20 cars

Wikipedia says that the first floating bridge between East Cowes and Cowes
 was established in 1859 
and is one of the few remaining 
that has not been replaced by a physical bridge.

Well, sadly or not at the end of this year this chain ferry 
will also be replaced by a new one, I guess more modern, 
and the waiting room that now sits in the East Cowes end will be dismantled.

So I asked the permission to use this space, already furnished with displays cabinets,
 as a gallery, to display copies of my work .

 Happy me! 
Many people every day still use this old communication system,
and it is the perfect location to show images of the sea ( plenty in my drawers!)
to speak about  water as a mean of communication,
and about waves that create colours, music 
and even those waves that our heart beat produces!

 Next week I'll be placing these pretty frames, to add 
something more to my personal gallery at the floating bridge.
If you never came across this jewel of mechanical modernity 
( and you fancy a river crossing)
then...  hurry up !
It will last only until the end of the year!

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