Saturday, 1 July 2017

All the world is new!

This is just how I felt after a few months break from painting:

The All World is new!

During this time, I did ask myself which
 inspiring creative things
 I still missed to try,
and I realized that a calendar was still on the list...

Although I wanted to make one from several years,
I never attempted before,
 as I felt I didn't have enough knowledge of
the technology needed to edit this project...
but with lots of patience,
the help of a dear friend, and the lovely
support of my local printer,
it is coming along beautifully!

This was really a life lesson as
I could understand that we don't have more limits
than the ones we put to ourselves,
and also that is important to feel humble enough
to ask for help
to achieve our goals...

I feel so good now,
as learning new things
has always be one of my favorite things to do!
The calendar will be soon available on my Etsy Shop,
so stay tuned!

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