Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The picture book Village

A new project
has been brewing 
this winter....and
it's time for it to hatch now!

is an arty display 
which I'm dreaming to create at the 
QUAY ARTS CENTRE (Isle of Wight)
to help children grow up with Beauty
and get the best visual education
with a selection of outstanding titles
from many cultures,
to help them develop a sense of adventure and self confidence.
I'm raising money to help build this dream, so please if you 
can help in this,
just drop a line below with your contact and I'll get in touch!

This dream is for all the children out there
who deserve to grow with colorful stories and 
beautiiful positive messages,
and for the ones inside of us all!
It will be at the Arts Centre for everybody who 
loves art in the form of a shelf!
Today we received the first donation

from the lovely tutors at Anglia Ruskin University
who are truly supporting this project...
Please help us to spread the voice!

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