Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Spring Fair adventure

That was a long trip
from the Isle of Wight to Birmingham,
two ferry , bus, shuttle and back.
Plenty of legs training too.
But what an amazing day!

The Arty Card Company' s stand was so colorful
and full of positivity!

I was so happy for the big interest for my work, 
it really made my day,
Good idea to have taken some originals with me
to create more interest ,
and show that is made of real colors and fabrics ...

The space was really small but
Toby, the creator of this brand,
manage to fit us all in.
A work of art!

The fair was really huge, 
with so many sectors that I felt confused ,
it really require a previous planning of the visit


The seasonal decoration Hall
 was amazing, plants of all sorts, 
with such an accurate detail

that they seemed so real.

If the candles and diffusers area had been near, 
you could have thoughts that true flowers were displayed!

There is still one more day to go ,
and I wish for us and all the other exhibitors I met, 
the most luck of all!
We are in Hall 3 stand 3L44,
come to say hello if you are near!

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