Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Upgrading and sketching!

What have I been doing lately?
good question!
As always I tried to connect with nature, that's always the number one on the list!

Also I started to  get back to my sketchbook,
as I joined the fantastic two weeks of
Sketchbook Revival 

a free workshop held by Karen Abend,
where 24 artists shared their approach to creative practice, 
their techniques and insights.

I was lucky that my Illustration teacher Nina Rycroft
( check out her website, she s on Skillshare, and a brilliant teacher indeed!)
was one of the featured artists, so she told her students about it.
And there we were, surrounded by boosts of creativity!
It was so much fun to try new things, 
and go back to old things,

because as you may guess, being a self employed artist and illustrator,
often we are so critical of what we produce, 
and then it's more difficult to enjoy our own art.

So, in these two weeks, I went back to do art for my self and..
oh, it was so liberating!

Also, I have been trying to update my technology, 
as for some time I have been thinking of getting a graphic tablet.


My laptop also, is trusty and old, repaired and tired,
so I though: ah, I will get one of the 2-in-1 fancy new  convertible laptops..
Little I knew then stepping from the Apple world into the Pc world 
I would have been overwhelmed by information...
I bought a Surface Book 2, fantastic device, but then I discovered
it doesn't have a great Adobe rgb gamut
(oh yes, I didn't even know what it was at first, but quick I learned)
and for artist that work for print, 
is something very important, as it is related to the 
CMYK colour spectrum, so the one still is mostly used for print.
So after so much research, and no wanting to go back to Apple
( only because they switched to a completely different 
colour gamut approach with their late models)
I decided on a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro,
which primarily is a professional graphic tablet,
with an in built computer ..
Not ideal for writing, but I'll let you know.
the only alternative would have been a Dell 2 in 1 laptop, 
but something didn't feel in my chords about that.
So , as boring as it can seem,
this are my past weeks of work and research.
What's next?

My first wedding design collection 
with my lovely and trusty printers at Context Design
( more new to follow on that, stay tuned!)
and a dream camping holiday in Snowdonia,
which I am looking forward so much!

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