Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Happy Summer!

The most colourful season of the year is arrived, 
and so far is just wonderful
to see all the meadows in their best dresses!

My exhibition at The Garlic Farm ( Isle of Wight)
ended with the most beautiful display 
that would have made
every painter dream to paint

And I was the most happy to see
my work with these surroundings

And now some deserved holidays are at the near horizon.

I am spending my days completing orders
(my 2020 calendars is  already for sale
in my Etsy shop!)

and the shop will stay open
with just a few days delayed shipping

I am very inspired for a new season of artworks
after the break,
and many projects I can't wait to see out in the world.
In the month of August, my plan is
to slow down, do LOTS of creative journaling
(AKA necessary Playing!)
and getting to know myself and my art taste better
flowing the advice of Andyj Pizza in his 229 episode of

I just uploaded my last recipe to

and I really am in Love with this summery colours, aren't you?

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