Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Isle of Wight LIVING magazine

Recently I had the pleasure to 
talk with Kate Cranwell, a lovely journalist from
and the interview is featured in the August issue...
It is free and available all around the Isle of Wight, 
in hotels, gyms and tourist attraction venues and ferry terminal!

For all of you that can't access the paper version, I thought 
to post the content here

My work has been features in the newspapers here on the Island, 
but this is the first magazine
where my work appears 

and I am over the moon because
I could tell my story and in reading it,
I discover that is truly charming.
Also, Kate said really nice things
about my work, and this makes me really happy!

I hope you will also like the interview
and take with you some inspiration from it..

Here it is in its full lenght!

I am currently updating my website and working on new ideas, 
about which I surely will keep you posted, meanwhile 2020 calendars
are still available on my Etsy shop ,
and as I am near to the 200 sales, whoever will hit that magic number
will get a gift!

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